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Product Description

Product Description

What is SLA?

SLA is Stereo lithography process

SLA process, also known as stereolithography or light curing process, by the American Charles Hull invented in 1984. In 1986, 3D Systems introduced SLA-1, the world's first stereolithography lithography machine. Since then, SLA series forming machines account for a large share of the 3D printing equipment market.
SLA process is based on the principle of photopolymerization of liquid photosensitive resin work. This liquid material in a certain wavelength (325 or 355nm) and intensity (w = 10 ~ 400mw) under the irradiation of ultraviolet light can quickly photopolymerization, molecular weight increased dramatically, the material will change from liquid to solid. Liquid tank filled with liquid light-cured resin, the laser beam in the deflection mirror under the action of the liquid surface can be scanned, the scanning trajectory and the presence of the laser by the computer control, light scanning to the place, the liquid on the curing. At the beginning of forming, the working platform is in a certain depth under the liquid surface, the liquid level is always in the focal plane of the laser, and the focused spot is scanned point by point according to the instruction of the computer on the liquid surface. When a scan is complete, the unexposed area is still a liquid resin. And then lift the platform to bring down a layer of height, has been formed on the level and covered with a layer of resin, flattening the viscosity of the resin surface of the larger flattening, and then the next layer of scanning, the new curing layer Firmly adhere to the previous layer, so repeat until the entire part of the manufacturing is complete, get a three-dimensional solid model. SLA method is the most studied method in 3D printing field, and it is also the most technically mature method. General thickness of 0.1 to 0.15mm, forming parts of high accuracy. Years of research to improve the cross-section scanning mode and resin forming performance, the process precision can reach 0.05mm.

As we know, 3D printer could fix any mistakes and flaws before products development, why not choose 3D printer for the design before open mold, reduce the risk, make your products placing on the market as soon as possible, grab the first business chance.

2nd, 3D printing tech has been break through the traditional process, it could offer more visual and accurate design and products function for industrial designers, model designers and products development team in a short time, such as the hand model made, the modeling time and cost will less 20%-35% than traditional process, save much time and a lot of money.

Yishun is a professional 3D print service supplier, we have a strong foundation which is we have mature 3D printing tech, more than 9 years 3D engineers, the industrial SLA, SLS machine and complete producing line,now we have been offered many 3D printer and 3D services for not only many Chinese customers, but also a lot of oversea clients

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the thicknees ofbig area slice need > 0.8mm,

the diamter of independent bar need >1mm, convexity diameter need >0.35mm(concavity > 0.2mm)

little hole need >0.5mm,through hole diameter could be product at the depth 1mm.

the characteristics of Bending hole,deep hole or blind hole need > 0.8mm,

and we have some suggestions for customers as follow:

1. Please self-check 3D files before upload to avoid delaying order processing
All uploaded files, we will go through two layers of inspection, automatic detection and manual inspection, once the file exists on the need to repair the file, the repair process will affect the beginning of the printing process, so we strongly recommend that you upload the file before the self Check the file to save your time.

2.Review the Materials page for the minimum performance and minimum printability for each material, and determine the material

In fact, the best material selection time is in the design, at the beginning of the design, if the mind can determine the kind of material is better, so you can determine the wall thickness and size requirements.

If you want to design a good model because of material problems in the dressing, will only change the worse,

3.Wall thickness is very important
Wall thickness does not meet the requirements, is the biggest factor in the failure of 3D printing, wall thickness is very important, must have the concept of wall thickness.
The wall thickness requirement for most materials is 1mm, which is similar to the thickness of egg shells. Before making a 3D print design, check the wall thickness limitations of commonly used materials. Each material has a minimum wall thickness limit and a risk of printing failure if the minimum wall thickness value is exceeded.

4. Pay attention to the resolution of the 3D model
This is also a common reason for printing failure, especially for engineering class parts, such as STP format (STEP), igs format (iges), often there will be converted into 3D print files after the resolution of the situation. Print accuracy and then high, but also high STL file itself, but the accuracy of the STL itself is composed of triangular patches, the number of triangular patches determine the accuracy of the printed items, as shown, different resolution results Certainly not the same, especially for vector surface modeling, a ball is a company, there is no resolution, into stl entity file, you need to preset the resolution, the higher the resolution, the larger the size of the stl file, Therefore, the final need to have a resolution to meet the requirements. Please refer to the various software how to export to stl file, to select the appropriate resolution

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Packaging Details: 1 Piece per Foam for standard packing(foam wrapped, soft fillers, carton box.wooden box), or depanding on customize
Delivery Detail: 7-15 days for custom manufacturing parts;

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