Household Solar Energy Storage System 6
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Product Description

household solar energy storage system 6.5kwh/ 8kwh with 3kwh inverter and lithium battery

solar generator

solar energy product

solar power kits

1. Charging: Solar MPPT-2000W and AC 2400W;

2. AC output: 3kw/ 4kw/ 5kw (90V-260V),pure sine wave;

3. Li-ion battery: 52V 6.5kwh/ 8kwh/ 12kwh;

4. UPS function;

5. Optional WiFi/LAN communication port;

6. On/Off gird work;

7. Touch LCD display screen

Product Description

♦ Energy saving and environmental protection

♦ Store electricity every day, ensure daily power continuously

Solar energy is a clean energy, green and environmental protecting, it makes efficient use of limited resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

The energy conservation and emissions reduction consciousness and demand is growing in the society.

It is the time of well storage and smart usage of household electricity.

POWEROAK household power storage system is not only a simple electricity storage system, but also the combination of electricity system and solar power system, which realized the life of ICT new electricity power.

♣ Electricity Saving

In the daytime using the electricity stored in the night, energy saving.

Charge the power storage system in night time of less electricity consumption, and in the daytime use the electricity that stored in the night, contribute to restrain power waste.

Connected to solar power generation system, it can supply power directly to household appliances, or charge the power storage system with the redundant power, to reduce the use of electricity from Grid system.

♣ Reassurance

When there is a power failure, the stored electricity can be used as backup power, the product has the function of UPS.

When there is a power failure, the product act as an emergency power supply for LCD TV and LED lighting, and other important electric application, to ensure continuous output power.

♣Remote monitoring support

The battery system utilization can be showed on LCD screen, automatic management and alarm. Or you can use portable terminal and realize remote monitor through the internet, safe use.

POWEROAK household power generation and storage system is able to set different working mode according to household lifestyle.


♦ Household power generation and storage working mode

♣ General Working Mode (Suitable for areas without solar power generation, off-grid)

Store the electricity in the night when the electric prices are low for daytime electric use, to save the expense for electricity.

♣ Power Saving Mode (Suitable for areas with solar power generation, off-grid)

Connect to solar power generation system, directly invert electricity generated from solar panel to AC electricity to supply household application. The storage battery can be charged with the extra solar electricity or in the night when the electricity price is low.

The use of storage battery system

♣ Case 1

Store the cheap electricity in the night, to reduce the consumption of electricity i Case 1 n the daytime.

Based on power consumption within the family, in the daytime make use of the electricity that sored in the night , to use electricity economically.

♣ Case 2

Contribute to electric saving with power storage system

When the use of the electricity exceeds the setting household power consumption, the exceeded part can be supplemented from the storage battery, to reduce the burden of power grid.

The use of solar electricity generation function

♣ Case 1

Make prior use of the electricity generated from solar system to charge the storage battery system.

♣ Case 2

The electricity generated from solar system is used preferentially to supply power to daily household application, the rest electricity is used to charge the storage battery system.


♦ Power Network

Connect important load to power storage system, at the time of emergency power outages, the system will supply uninterrupted power in usual time, store the electricity in the night when the electricity price is low, and use the stored electricity in daytime, to save electricity cost.

The time interval for power storage can be selected, every night the grid will automatically charge the power storage system.

The product is connected to electric grid system, at the time of peak load in the day, the system is switched to inverter output from power storage system, to reduce the consumption of electric power system power, and contribute to the alleviation of peak power consumption.

Combined utilization with solar panel electricity generation system can be more economical.

In the daytime use the electricity from solar panel and power storage battery inverter output, to reduce the use of Grid electricity and save electricity cost.

When the solar panel is not able to generate power, use the electricity from power storage battery output, to reduce the use of Grid electricity and save electricity cost

Combined utilization with solar panel electricity generation system can be more economical

In the daytime use the electricity from solar panel and power storage battery inverter output, to reduce the use of Grid electricity and save electricity cost.

When the solar panel is not able to generate power, use the electricity from power storage battery output, to reduce the use of Grid electricity and save electricity cost.

In countries that electricity price is different at different time period of the day, we can set the time of charge mode to the period that electricity is low, to save the electricity cost.

When there is a sudden power outage, the built in UPS function will realize instant switch from Grid system to power storage system.

With storage battery of 6.63KWh (maximum 12KWh) , you can use electricity at ease when there is power outage.

Conjunctive utilization with solar panel power generation system charges the power storage battery.

♦ Parameters

System storage capacity 6.5KWh/ 8KWh/ 12KWh
System Work Mode On/Off grid integrated(with UPS function)
Nominal AC output power 3000W / 4000W / 5000W
Maximum AC output power 4500W 10S
AC voltage 230Vac (input&output)
Nominal frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Nominal output current 13A
Maximun output current 19.5A
Feed in to grid Yes(default setting)
Energy consumption adjustable
Maximum efficiency >92.5%
Maximum input power 2400W
Start-up voltage 80V
Number of MTTP intputs 1
MTTP voltage range 70V-120 V
Maximum input current 30A
Maximum input voltage 150 V
Maximum efficiency >97%
Solar production use MPPT
DC voltage 51.8 Vdc
Maximum current 160A
Maximum load current 120A
Charging Mode three-stage charging mode
Voltage compensation mode dynamic
Battery charge (PV) ≤40A
Battery charge (AC) ≤50A
Battery charge model adjustable
Battery discharge adjustable
Type of batteries Li-ion
Nominal voltage of single cell 3.7V
batteries capacity 128Ah
Number of batteries 14 in series
Maximum warranty discharge rate 50%
BMS(Battery Management System)
BMS operation voltage range 30V~60V
BMS operation power consumption 2W
BMS static power consumption ≤100μA
Cell voltage detection range 0~5V
Cell voltage detection accuracy ≤±10mV
Total voltage detection range 30V~60V
Total voltage detection accuracy ≤0.5%FSR
Temperature detection range -40~125℃
Temperature detection channel 4
Temperature detection accuracy ≤±1℃
Current detection range 0A~100A
Current detection accuracy ≤1%FSR
SOC calculation accuracy ≤8%
Balance Mode initiative balance(energy consumption mode)
Balance current 110mA±10%
CAN channel 1
485 channel 1
Nominal total voltage 51.8V
Nominal total current 80A
Maximum total voltage 59.5V
Minimum total voltage 42.0V
Maximum charge current 50A
Maximum discharge current 160A
Maximum cell voltage 4.25V
Minimum cell voltage 3.00V
Maximum battery temperature 65℃
Minimum battery temperature -20℃
DC/AC protection yes
DC lightning arrester yes
Batteries protection fuse
PV electrical protection standard UTE C15712-1
IP protection category IP21
Connectivity wiring terminal
Communication RS485
Operating conditions humidity:5%~90%/Temp:0-40℃
Standards EN 62109-2
Warranty 2 years (optional extended warranty)
Aeration side
Dimensions L779×W350×H912 mm
Weight 135kg


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